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Multimedia underground Art group “STIGMAT” was founded as creative group in 2006. Here you find re-formal and marginal aspiration as well as artists with great creation insurgent.
The group was founded by poet, multimedia artist Giorgi Bundovani. At present time the group counts four artist-members: Giorgi Bundovani, Mikhail Gist, Marika Zhorzholiani, Alfred Karklinis, Manana Darsalia.

By the ideal collaboration of Giorgi Bundovani and Mikhail Gist, as they are the mean motive power of group, in 2006 was created 22 mini art films, which were placed in a shelf during next four years.
The group was really dissolution, and only in 2010 it found strength of reanimation. And the name “STIGMAT” was given by the same three person Marsiani, Bundovani and Gist.

The creating of films and their editing are specially made in low technology, by handicraft wars. And they also are created by digital photo-camera. The films, which are made by the same way, are called “low resolution films”, and this method also is affirmed… (The films creation, were passed by the old mobile phones, or by old eight millimetres film cameras).

The conception of these underground mini art-films establishes on eternal re-forming emotional experience and on demonstration of it. The films are made on unexpected emotions, without any beforehand script. It combines on the place, it creating, and on live emotion of artists.
And only time by time there are a few instructions by Gist or Bundovani, or by other artists, may be. Only on creation base! Without any financing interests!
For Bundovani these are poetry films, as he is the poet firstly. The author tries to accumulate his all mystery filling, which he could not transform in his poems.
All the movies are in –AVI- format.

And after all it may be tolled really, that the mission of group would never stop. And in spate of growing economics and social problems, and in spate of unstable group membership, “Stigmat” would continue working in contemporary underground spare of mini-films and in near future you would find a new presentation of new films.
The leader, the editor of group, affirms that being in underground is his vocation. It is the general element as fish’s element is water for example! The films completely present his whole artistic expiration.
At present time art group “STIGMAT” counts about 49 films in all its archive.
2.10.2010 – 10.10.2010 Art group “STIGMAT” 14 films successfully are taking part in third International Art Festival, Georgia, Tbilisi – “ARTISTERIUM”. And the annotation of group “STIGMAT” is placed in – 3 “ARTISTERIUM” catalogue.
And in 30.10.2010., 28 Rustaveli ave. “ROCK CLUB”, “www.lib.ge” and George Bundovani presents large art-program: Multimedia Art-Group “STIGMAT”‘s new films and Kazakhstan’s Art due “ZITABL”‘s films show (premiere). Also new live performance of group “STIGMAT”–“MONUMENTAL FETISH”…
13.12.2010 cinema “Amirani” in it’s lit café STIGMAT’s 8 new films was shown again, and great thank to mis. Nino Zhvania.
01.05.2011 Georgian channel first, in his transmission performed new program named “Pilot”, and one group as “Parashut” performed 15 minutes topic about theme “Individualism and society”, were STIGMAT placed an important side.
In 2011 a magazine “Peace Times” (№ 3) issued interesting letter under the title “451 degree by Fahrenheit!”. Group STIGMAT is very much obliged to for these important phenomena to editor Aleksandr Lortqipanidze.
Multimedia art-group “STIGMAT”’s films were shown in art-festival “Arbatfest” in Kazakhstan, Alma ate (in 28 th May, and from 5 till 19 June 2011…); And by this way they were shown in open, pass and closure of Festival!! We are gratefully thank to Art-duet “ZITABL” from Kazakhstan for the great job if did for us.
In July 22, 2011, Book store “Diogene” made the presentation of Multi-Media-Art group “STIGMAT”-s. It was shown the next stone-new 4 films and 2 comparative new ones… The announcement in social web about this was given by George Kekelidze, the funder of digital library “Lib.ge”, he just spoke about group and its work stile… The arrangement was sold out notice and the information were reported in radio-set — “Rush hour” and TV-channel — “Maestro”.
And 2011, may 13, group STIGMAT made agreement with Lit-Portal “www.lib.ge” by which lig.ge became multimedia art-group STIGMAT’S promoter. Group takes obligation to take part in any art-measures and becomes collaborator in cultural space. In this portal STIGMAT’s web-site as block will be fix in few future.

The new project of multi-media art group “STIGMAT”’s is taking part in international Art-Festival “Garikula, Fest i nova-2011” beginning in 2011 September 25, where group presents new films and new performance “Canning”,
and, also in international Art-Festival “Artisterium-2011” beginning in 2011 November 31 till 10, the art-group performed with 12 new mini art films and live performance “DE-FORMATION” and entered on festival catalogue “Artisterium-2011” .
15.01.2012. Art group “STIGMAT” was invited to the internet TV “Unite Media – Objective”, and was given 1hour to live.

12.02.2012 the “Cinema House,” on the 2nd flour, hold the synthetic Art-evening participated by “STIGMAT” one and Artist Nino Lomadze’s two mini Art-films.

In 15.06.2012, The National Parliamentary Library of Georgia entertained a great synthesized event, dedicated to Terenti Graneli. The event was organized by George Bundovani, current time was also shown the new mini art film “Somewhere, faraway the mist visited to cleft…”,(About Great Georgian poet – Terenti Graneli) created by Art group “Stigmat”. 

As well, also the new profile was opened in Art portal of Transcaucasia about “STIGMAT”. find link on:


In Collaboration of http://www.lib.ge and Rock Club Tbilisi was made the project where were shown three new films by STIGMAT, Tbilisi 2012, December 22.
Also “STIGMAT” took part in international Art-Festival “Artisterium-2012” beginning in 2012 Octomber 5 till 13, the art-group performed with 5 new mini art films and entered on festival catalogue “Artisterium-2012″.

25.06.2013. four early and one premiere of mini art-films by art-group “Stigmat”, shown in The Centre for Culteral Relation, Coucasian House

12.11.2012. Art-group “STIGMAT” take part in a group art-ezebition “-Beyond Media-“, in National Parliamentary Library of Georgia. Art curator artist – David Chikhladze.
26.01.2013. George Bundovani and Maka Mikeladze’s Poetry and Art event in “Book house on Bakhtrioni” (Tbilisi) and Art-group “Stigmat’s” new 3 film (Video aktionism/ Film-poetry) presentation.

Contact us: email – gbundovani@yahoo.com sveshat@meta.ua http://art.gov.ge/funds.php?lang=Ge&organization=707
Facebook – Гоша Туманный

The group “STIGMAT” leader, editor, operator is multimedia artist Giorgi Bundovani.



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